The Big Smackdown / Snackdown Zinester’s Guide to NYC

If I didn’t live in NYC I’d either live in Northampton or Portland, OR. (I feel the need to specify because over the years I’ve met many people from Portland, ME, who want people to know that their city is a Portland, too).  

I’ve had the opportunity to visit Pdx several times in the past few years, and was really delighted by the Zinester’s Guide to Portland. I remember sitting at Fuel Cafe drinking a Stumptown cappuchino wishing that my own city had both a Zinester’s Guide and achingly superb Stumptown cappucinos.

Thus, imagine my delight when I relocated Brooklyn neighborhoods (to my favorite so far, by far) and found Stumptown cappucinos a few blocks away from my apartment AND learned that a Zinester’s Guide to NYC was in the works!!  Bluestockings is having an event to celebrate the guide’s release tomorrow – check out the posting from their website!

The Big Smackdown/Snackdown Zinester’s Guide to NYC

Bluestockings, Sunday Dec. 5th, 7PM ($5 suggested donation)

With Emcee Ayun Halliday

Okay, okay, it’s not smackdown. Come out for the strutting of ziney stuff by loads of contributors to “The Zinester’s Guide to NYC,” including readings by: Melissa Bastian “Anywhere I Lay My Head”, Cecile Dyer “I Live in Brooklyn”, Fly “PEOPS”, Jenna Freedman “Lower East Side Librarian”, Josh Medsker “Teach”, Eric Nelson “Cup & Saucer Chronicles”, Josh Saitz “Negative Capability”, Ling Teo “Haiku in Central Park”, Vikki Law “Tenacious,” and of course the inkytress herself Ayun Halliday “East Village Inky”. You can pick our brains or pick a fight over a listing that we included in our book, which is a low budget, highly participatory, wholly analog, anecdotal, illustrated exploration of our town. The book is bursting with hilarious advice for zinesters, residents, travelers & armchair travelers. Come and get it!


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