RE/VISIONIST women’s history journal

I have RE/VISIONIST listed on my blogroll but really wanted to create a specific post encouraging you to explore this wonderful online publication! RE/VISIONIST was started by students in Sarah Lawrence College’s Women’s History graduate program, including my good friend, Brooklyn-based artist/writer/musician Kate Wadkins.

The following quote from RE/VISIONIST’S website sums up the journal’s  mission: “We focus on the intersections of lived realities and histories, such as the experiences related to race, class, gender, sexuality, age, and ability. We strive to keep the question, “who gets to write history?” on the table.”

I’m currently working on an article for RE/VISIONIST myself- I’m writing a synopsis of my gender studies/psychology undergraduate thesis. I really love that the journal is freely accessible to anybody, and am proud of the initiative taken by students at my home institution to make such positive contributions to the body of women’s history literature.

RE/VISIONIST is always looking for new contributors, and invites interested individuals to submit either a 100-word abstract or full-text article (along with a CV) to them at



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