Trans 411

Finding a queer-friendly doctor has always been a big concern of mine. I know from first-hand experience how it feels when your health care provider assumes you have a boyfriend solely because you identify as a woman. That said, everyone should be able to get their health cared for by a person who is cool with and supportive of all gender and sexual identities – and doesn’t make any hasty assumptions.

Trans 411 is really amazing in this regard- it was created “as a community driven resource directory” and and hopes to “make life easier by building upon local knowledge of transgender friendly providers, services and community groups.”

The site provides links to a wide range of trans-friendly doctors, surgeons, and therapists. Visitors to the site can browse by state (although sadly not all 50 are listed) and by country (currently included are: Argentina, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, Mexico, Slovakia, Thailand, and United States).

You can also follow Trans 411 on Twitter!


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