Giving Credit Where It’s Due, Part 1

The topic of this post is going to differ somewhat from my usual content. I am lucky to have so many inspirational library mentors and colleagues, and it’s really important to me to recognize these people for what I see as their amazing contributions to both the field and my life. Thus, every once in awhile I’m going to write a little bit about a librarian whose work I really admire.

Today I really want to recognize the accomplishments of a librarian who works about four feet away from me- my coworker, Charlotte Price. Presently a humanities reference librarian, Charlotte has a rich and diverse background in the profession. She also has experience in cataloging, rare books, and systems, and is always happy to share insight she’s gained during years of working in libraries.

Her commitment to our patrons is unwavering and she will always go out of her way to help anyone, whether it’s a student or a colleague. I learn from her every day and together we work in feminist solidarity to develop better services and close gaps in information access.

Charlotte and I have recently started a project together which I’m very excited about- we’re both really interested in fat-positive feminism and together are working to “convey the medicalization and discrimination of the fat body by standard library classification, as well as call for a more widespread acceptance of the inclusion of fat-positive feminist alternative literature into academia.” We’ll be presenting our research at next year’s Women’s History Month Conference.

Thank you!!!


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