Transgender Studies and Theories: Building up the Field in a Nordic Context

In case I haven’t made it obvious enough I am positively enamored with open access journals. A couple months ago I decided (at least for the time being) that I am only going to submit articles to open access journals and zines for publication. When I was in library school I first began to really think about serious obstacles people face in obtaining information they need/want for educational, health, recreational, etc. purposes. My professor/mentor, Dr. Kevin Rioux, gave me the book Global Information Inequalities to read and it deeply impacted my philosophy of librarianship.

Anyway, I recently learned that the Graduate Journal of Social Science just published a special issue called “Transgender Studies and Theories: Building up the Field in a Nordic Context.” This issue is a product of the Nordic region’s first international conference on trans studies. As someone who is interested in both Nordic culture and gender studies, I was very excited to learn of this issue’s publication, and am confident that it addresses theories and issues relevant to trans studies in an international context. Below are some sample articles contained in the journal:

  • Transgender children: more than a theoretical challenge by Natacha Kennedy and Mark Hellen
  • On Elves and Beasts: an intervention into normative imaginaries by Anthony Clair Wagner
  • Subtle pressures, coercive sterilizations and denials of access: A trans-crip approach to reproductive subjectivation by Ute Kalender
  • Contextualising Intersex: Ethical discourses on Intersex in Sweden and the US by Erika Alm
  • Screen-births: Exploring the transformative potential in trans video blogs on YouTube by Tobias Raun

The entire issue can be downloaded for free as a PDF here.


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