Women Who Rock Conference

Once in a while I hear about a conference  that seems straight out of my dreams. This year’s Women Who Rock: Making Scenes, Building Communities conference, held in Seattle from February 17th-18th, is definitely included in this list. If I hadn’t already planned a vacation to the west coast in March I would without a doubt be in the front row!

As of yet I haven’t been able to locate a conference schedule, but here’s a synopsis from the conference’s website:

The conference will highlight both contemporary and past movement(s) in and outside of Seattle by bringing together musicians, activists, writers, advocates, educators, and scholars to explore questions of female representation and access for women within music scenes. This conference is intended to reach an academic and public audience. Scholars and educators will contextualize their explorations of women within various music scenes by engaging broader discourses of feminist, critical race, and class analyses. Musicians, activists and others will demonstrate how innovations in the creative arts link to social justice movements.

My writer/musician/artist friend Kate Wadkins will be presenting at the conference along with New York City based feminist historian/musician Jamie Varriale.

If you have the opportunity to attend will you please make sure to give me an extensive rundown afterward? 🙂 Oh, and here’s the registration link!


One Response to “Women Who Rock Conference”

  1. KW Says:

    Thank you, as always, for yr boundless enthusiasm. xo

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