Jonathan D. Katz and the Omission and Censorship of Queer Art

As usual, CUNY’s Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies (CLAGS) has another amazing talk coming up. This time it’s given by Jonathan D. Katz, the chair of SUNY Buffalo’s Visual Culture doctoral program and co-curator of the National Portrait Gallery’s Hide/Seek exhibit. From what I understand David Wojnarowicz’s video “A Fire in My Belly” was removed from the exhibit without Katz’s knowledge, despite his position as curator.

The talk will be held on January 12th from 6-8PM in room 9204 at the CUNY Grad Center.

Below is an excerpt from the email I received regarding the event:

Despite 30 years of scholarship from him and other experts, Katz says that most major institutions gloss over gay and lesbian sexuality in their collections – which is why Hide/Seek is such an important show. “Punishing the one institution that broke the blacklist will enable all the other institutions to sit on their hands,” says Katz. “My goal in doing the show was not simply to do the show, but also to make it safe for other institutions to do the show. We have been falsifying art history for decades.”


2 Responses to “Jonathan D. Katz and the Omission and Censorship of Queer Art”

  1. Birthe Havmoeller Says:

    Dear Kate Angell

    I am editor of Feminine Moments, an international resource site and art blog about contemporary art made by lesbian and queer women artists.
    My ‘queer art’-Google Alert send me a message about your above post. I have written about censorship of queer art at Feminine Moments last December and I am now writing to you to ask you, if you would be interested in a cross posting/ re-post of your post at my queer art blog?
    You may find this post – ‘American Queer Art Censorship: What’s Up’ by Marlene Hoeber interesting:
    Let me know what you think about my suggestion.
    Warm regards,

    Birthe Havmoeller
    Editor of Feminine Moments
    PS. I am based in Denmark.

  2. Kate Angell Says:

    Hi Birthe,

    Your website looks great, I’ll check it out! Definitely feel free to cross post/re-post if you’d like- I’m happy to see information about the event be available to more people. Thanks for writing!


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