Wench Blog Zine Distro

While writing a selfcare zine review this past weekend I came across the blog for the Louisville, KY based WENCH Selfcare Education Collective. They work to “educate ourselves and others in the workings of our complex bodies and minds to empower people to live healthier lives through understanding and empowerment.”

In addition to organizing activities such as health fairs, classes/workshops, and clinic defense, they also run a zine distro. Their inventory is currently divided into 7 categories: selfcare, female selfcare, transgender health, consent/assault/healing, abortion, mental health, and healthcare history.

I was a little confused as how to order zines from them, although I found an email address which I assume is their preferred method of contact: wenches@riseup.net.


One Response to “Wench Blog Zine Distro”

  1. wenches Says:

    yay!!! thanks for finding us! we desperately need to update our zine list as well as a number of our blog pages.

    let us know if you want any info from us!!! and yes! email or comment on the blog and we’ll get you some zines!

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