Sex, Hope, & Rock ‘n’ Roll: The Music Writing of Ellen Willis

This is the second conference I’ve heard about in a week which meets my criteria for “conference of my dreams.” Scheduled for April 30th at New York University, Sex, Hope, & Rock ‘n’ Roll will, according to the website:

honor, remember, and critically situate the acclaimed New York writer Ellen Willis (1941-2006) and her work across politics, gender, and popular culture, with a special attention to her unique contribution to intellectual history within the fields of music journalism and feminist cultural criticism.

My friend Kate informed me about the conference last night and I immediately shrieked with delight and ran to my bookshelf to get my copy of No More Nice Girls: Countercultural Essays. Ellen Willis has had a profound impact on my feminism for a number of years. She was one of the first pro-sex feminists whose work I read, and essays such as “Lust Horizons: Is the Women’s Movement Pro-Sex?” and “Radical Feminism and Feminist Radicalism” continue to influence me.

The conference is organized by Evie Nagy, Daphne Carr, and Nona Willis Aronowitz, Willis’s daughter and co-author of the 2009 book Girl Drive. Confirmed speakers for the event include Joan Morgan, Kathleen Hanna, and Stanley Aronowitz.


2 Responses to “Sex, Hope, & Rock ‘n’ Roll: The Music Writing of Ellen Willis”

  1. annajcook Says:

    I didn’t discover Willis’ writing until after her death brought it to my attention (sadly), but quickly devoured all of it. Total fangirl crush. If you get to attend the conference, I hope you blog about it here!

  2. Kate Angell Says:

    Anna, I couldn’t agree more about the fangirl crush! “No More Nice Girls” is one of my favorite books of all time. I’m definitely going to the conference and will be sure to blog about it!

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