Black American Feminisms

University of California at Santa Barbara librarian Sherri Barnes is an example of an academic librarian whose work resonates very closely with my own approach to the field. (She’s also a former Brooklyn resident!) Barnes presently maintains an outstanding website called Black American Feminisms: A Multidisciplinary Bibliography.

Black American Feminisms cover a wide range of subjects in the social sciences, humanities, and the physical sciences. References go as far back as the 19th century, and include interviews, speeches, and personal narratives along with books and periodical articles. The bibliography appears to have last been updated in September 2010.

The purpose statement of Black American Feminisms will do more justice to the bibliography’s mission than I could attempt, and so I will include part of it here:

The multidisciplinary subject bibliography of black American feminist writings that follows is an effort to combat the erasure of black feminist subjectivity and thought through the promotion and use of the literature for the general public, students, scholars and life-long learners seeking information on African American feminism and African American feminist interpretations of a broad range of issues. The bibliography documents and validates an intellectual tradition that is continuously ghettoized within black studies, women’s studies and society as a whole. Moreover, the bibliography serves to ensure a place for black American feminist thought in the social change discourse, ensuring its preservation and perpetuation.


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