Giving Credit Where It’s Due: Kate Wadkins

This is only the second time I’ve written a post for this particular category, but it’s about time that I write more, as I’m lucky to be surrounded by many people deserving recognition for their accomplishments.

Today I want to write about a person with whom I share a name, neighborhood, college, and favorite band- Kate Wadkins. I met Kate last summer through Kathleen Hanna, as we both worked for her on various projects at different times. Over time Kate has become my research collaborator, close friend, and feminist inspiration.

What particularly impresses me about Kate is her unbelievable array of involvements in diverse community/activist projects, as well as her tireless commitment in promoting the work of local artists/musicians/you name it. Presently, Kate is the gallery manager of STOREFRONT, an art gallery in Bushwick that specializes in the work of Bushwick artists. Just over a week ago I attended the opening of BRAIN WAVES, a collection of zines and prints curated by Kate. The opening was a big success, and was written up in the Greenpoint Gazette. I just bought one of the zines featured in the collection, Habits of Being, and am really excited to read it.

This Thursday I’m thrilled to be co-leading a zine workshop for teens with Kate at the Westport (CT) Public Library, located fifteen minutes from my hometown. The event falls shortly before the release of International Girl Gang Underground, a zine edited by Kate and Stacy Konkiel. Kate has organized a zine release party at Death by Audio in Brooklyn on March 12th.

Kate is involved with way too many projects for me to cover in total, but I encourage you to check out Very Okay, the band for which she’s a bassist, and RE/VISIONIST, Sarah Lawrence College Women’s History journal, of which she is a co-founder.

Kate: thanks for everything, and there’s nobody else I’d rather sit with in the rain while screaming Bikini Kill lyrics.


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