Punk Zine Archive

I get really excited when I learn about websites which feature digital copies of out-of-print/difficult to find zines. One of these is the Punk Zine Archive hosted by Operation Phoenix Records. The Punk Zine Archive offers free PDF’s of such fine punk zines as HeartattaCk and Maximumrocknroll.

The various issues of the different zines are listed alphabetically by zine title. However, much to my delight I found that there is also a subject index for the zine archive. Thus, if you find yourself wanting to know which of the zines contain articles on a fine band like Minor Threat, it will be listed for you in the subject index.

There is also a Punk Zine Archive blog which notifies users when new zines have been added. It is my hope that they will eventually add feminist/Riot Grrrl zines such as Girl Germs and Jigsaw.


2 Responses to “Punk Zine Archive”

  1. doğum fotoğrafçısı Says:

    sadly both sites are down. recently i saw some mmr’s on punktorrents site – i assume they’re the same – but heartattack, suburbanvoice and flipsides are gone forever. 😦

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