36 Young Adult Books for the Feminist Adult

A few days ago I learned from my friend and colleague Marie that Bitch magazine released a list of 100 Young Adult Books for the Feminist Reader. Shortly after the publication of this list they decided to amend it, removing three books from the list because of content considered potentially triggering for readers. This decision, as I’m sure you can imagine, provoked a firestorm of controversy, and has been debated on a number of blogs, including Bookshelves of Doom. Bitch released an official explanation of their decision last week.

In response to this situation, Marie created her own list of feminist YA books, which she made available yesterday on her blog, Friend of Dorothy Wilde.  She recommends 36 books in total, has read all of them, and is glad to dialogue with people about her inclusions.

Marie has a really awesome approach to feminism and I totally recommend checking this out!


One Response to “36 Young Adult Books for the Feminist Adult”

  1. Rie Says:

    Thank you so much for the post! I hope I get some good debate going (and some recommendations for books that aren’t about white quirky queer chicks…)

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