Lecture: “Fat, the First Lady, and Fighting the Politics of Health Science”

I feel like every time I blink my eyes the CUNY Graduate Center is hosting another incredible queer studies event! Next Friday, February 25th from 7-9PM, the Center is hosting a public lecture by Dr. Bianca Wilson, professor of psychology at California State University, Long Beach. The lecture is titled “Fat, the First Lady, and Fighting the Politics of Health Science.” Below is description of the talk from an email I received:

What is anti-fat bias and what effect does it have on health?  How is  anti-fat bias represented in dominant discourses on the “social determinants of health?”  What would it mean to consider anti-fat bias  an oppression?  Dr. Wilson will present an overview of some of the  weaknesses of the traditional paradigm for studying relationships  between weight and health, as well as present findings from her  community-based study on the associations between oppression and health among a sample of Black same-gender loving women.

The event is sponsored by QUNY, the Grad Center’s LGBTQ student organization. The timing is perfect for me, as in just a couple weeks I will be presenting on a panel on fat studies at Sarah Lawrence College’s Women’s History Month Conference, Breaking Boundaries: Body Politics & the Dynamics of Difference.


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