Elvis Bakaitis

In the next month or so I will (finally) be releasing a zine called My Feminist Friends, which will feature interviews with and artwork by some of my wonderful friends. Ever since I began preparations for this zine I knew that I wanted my buddy Elvis Bakaitis to make the cover art.

An awesome cartoonist, activist, and friend, Elvis has a really cool blog called Like Whoa, which I highly encourage you to check out. Over the years they have posted a wide variety of politically and socially astute drawings- some of which are truly hilarious, such as Pick-up lines in the [Park Slope] Co-op.

A longtime volunteer at Bluestockings, Elvis currently runs the monthly Feminist Book Club (which will be meeting next on April 3rd to discuss the book Sex at Dawn.) Additionally, Elvis has spent many an hour volunteering their skills and time at Brooklyn’s own Lesbian Herstory Archives, and presented at January’s Pop-Up Museum of Queer History.

Elvis’s boundless enthusiasm, energy, and joy is simply delightful, and is very much reflected in their artwork and community activism. Once my zine is released I will be sure to post photos of the glorious cover Elvis created!


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