Giving Credit Where It’s Due: Stina Söderling

Today I’m going to blog a bit about my best friend Stina Söderling. I’m really proud of Stina- she’s a professor and PhD student in the Department of Women’s and Gender Studies at Rutgers and is involved in some really cutting-edge research in the burgeoning field of rural queer studies. She’s my friend of five years and my neighbor of five minutes (away), and I’m really delighted to be able to share some of her accomplishments with the readers of my humble blog.

Last week, Stina presented at the Southeastern Women’s Studies Association’s annual conference at Georgia State University. This year the conference was titled Structural Adjustments: Queering Privatization, Framing Disaster, and according to the conference’s program, the theme  “explores the means by which discourses of “natural” disaster overlook the realities of systemic inequalities and justify increased privatization, with its gendered, sexualized, raced, and classed dimensions.”

Stina was part of a panel called Place-making in the American South. The paper she presented is called In the Crevices of Global Capitalism: A Genealogy of a Rural Queer Community, and is based upon her own fascinating research at a queer arts community. (I’m keeping my fingers crossed that she submits it to a journal!) She joins academics such as Scott Herring and Mary L. Gray in the important project of documenting the experiences and histories of queers living in locations outside of urban areas.

I interviewed Stina on her research last month and am aiming to publish the interview transcript in a zine on communities this spring. She’s also one of the people featured in my forthcoming zine, My Feminist Friends. Stina has previously presented at the North American Anarchist Studies Network conference on AIDS and its connection to rural queer land movements and at CUNY’s Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies (CLAGS) on lesbian separatist spaces in the 1970s. I was lucky to be able to attend both of these events, and will be sure to blog about events she’s involved in in the future!

Thanks for everything, Stina!!


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