When Language Runs Dry

I’m a volunteer at a zine library and come across all sorts of cool zines every week. Today I wanted to write about one in particular that I want to share with everybody I know. It’s called “When Language Runs Dry: A Zine for People with Chronic Pain and Their Allies.”

The zine is written by Claire and Meredith, and they’re currently looking for people to submit writing/art for their fourth issue.  If you’re interested in buying the zine, there’s a cool deal on Etsy where you can get two issues for $6.

I’m really in awe of this feminist project and rather than attempt to describe the editor’s mission myself I’m going to use a quote from When Language Runs Dry’s blog:

“Finding good information and meaningful dialog about chronic pain can be challenging. Many of the resources out there are very clinical, too general, or are written from outside the pain experience. There are few voices by folks with chronic pain about their struggles and how they keep living as full of a life as possible. This zine attempts to begin to fill the empty space with a diversity of voices telling their stories.”


2 Responses to “When Language Runs Dry”

  1. Jess Thorp Says:

    When Language Runs Dry is an awesome zine! I picked up all three of their existing issues from Bluestockings when I visited NYC. I’m happy to hear that they are doing a fourth issue. 🙂

    Also, hello from Canada!

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