Opportunity: Project Manager for FLY archives

I received an email yesterday advertising a really cool internship for FLY Archives. I figured my blog’s readers might find it of interest as well, so here’s the job posting:

Booklyn is looking for a Project Manager to oversee the sorting, cataloging, and databasing, of one of the most exciting and distinctive artist/writer archives in the Americas. FLY, is an iconoclastic punk, squatter, post-feminist artist/activist who has lived in the Lower East Side for decades. Her trademark style is ubiquitous in punk and anarchist culture and her commitment to alternative artworking is unrivalled.  If you have seen a benefit poster for any punk hero or heroine in NYC, you have seen FLY’s artwork! She is frequently acknowledged as one of the best American woman comic artists and her “Peops” project forms one of the most comprehensive portraits of alternative culture in the Americas.

Borrowed from FLY's website, http://flyspage.com/images/girlgang.gif

The archive itself consists of thousands of original artworks (primarily pencil drawings), self-published zines, correspondence, ephemera and other material documenting the vibrant squatter culture from the rare perspective of a radical woman artist. The project needs a three-month commitment, and is seeking a graduate student or professional librarian, art historian or urban anthropologist who is willing to work with FLY and a team of interns and volunteers. The goal of the project is to catalog FLY’s archive and to write a comprehensive description of the contents.

This is an unpaid volunteer position but Booklyn is willing to assist in fundraising for the position. The optimum candidate would have professional and personal motivations to lead the project, such as an committed interest in woman’s history, urban studies, the squatter movement, and punk culture.

Booklyn is also interested in partner organizations that might want to assist in this project. Please contact Marshall Weber, mweber@booklyn.org, 718-383-9621


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