Radical Women in Gainesville

Anybody interested in the history of second wave feminism would definitely enjoy the University of Florida’s Radical Women in Gainesville Historical Exhibit.  In 1968, feminists of Gainesville formed one of the first Women’s Liberation groups in the United States. This digital collection includes such rich primary documents as brochures, self-published newsprints, and photos.

Of particular interest to me was a timeline of the 1970s women’s movement in Gainesville, information on the pivotal Women’s Liberation newspaper The Florida Paper, and a photo gallery.


2 Responses to “Radical Women in Gainesville”

  1. elvis007 Says:

    haha – just today, i was trying to convince kira of the merits of Gainesville…’cos there’s a new cartoon school starting up there! just another thing to add to the Greatness of our state of Florida.

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