Release of my zine “My Feminist Friends”

I’m happy to announce that after nearly a year of preparations the first (and probably only) issue of my zine My Feminist Friends is complete! The zine features an awesome cover by local artist Elvis Bakaitis, as well as interviews with five of my friends- a women’s/gender studies professor and student (Stina), a psychology professor/student (Laurie), a union organizer (Stephanie), an archivist/librarian (Marie), and a social science researcher/future doula (Dawn). Some lovely artwork created by friends is included as well.

cover drawn by Elvis Bakaitis

I originally wanted the zine to be free, but have decided to charge $2 per copy- any money made off the zine will be donated to Cindy Crabb’s “Doris Encyclopedia” fund. At this point the zine isn’t being sold through any distros- however, if you’d like to purchase a copy, please feel free to email me at myfeministfriends @

My Feminist Friends will also be available to view at ABC No Rio’s zine library by the end of this week.

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