Fat Studies: A Journal of Research

I was delighted to learn from my friend Charlotte yesterday that feminist inspiration Esther Rothblum is editing a new journal called Fat Studies: A Journal of Research. This journal is the first in the field of Fat Studies (check out The Fat Studies Reader), and the editorial board is currently looking for people to submit articles for their first issue! Charlotte and I are definitely going to submit a piece based upon a presentation called “Does this book make me look fat?”: Information Bias and Body Image in Academia” that we gave at Sarah Lawrence’s Women’s History Conference earlier this year.

According to the call for papers, Fat Studies:

is the first academic journal in the field of scholarship that critically examines theory, research, and societal attitudes about body weight and appearance, and that advocates equality for allpeople with respect to body size. The focus of the journal is on why fat people are oppressed and who benefits from that oppression.

I can barely contain my excitement about this journal. Wait, scratch that- I have no reason to contain my excitement for this journal!

I’m going to find out ASAP if the journal will be open access.


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