Call for Submissions: Suburban Blight #10

Earlier this week I was thrilled to learn that after a 4-year hiatus, my friend Steph has decided to create a new issue of her amazing political zine, Suburban Blight! This zine is particularly special to me because  it brought Steph and I together over 4 years ago! We were both volunteering together at Bluestockings Bookstore one evening and started talking about zines. She mentioned where she had gone to college, and I began praising a zine I read written by someone from that same school. She asked me the zine’s name and I said “Suburban Blight”- and much to my surprise she started laughing and said “That’s my zine!”

Steph is just beginning to collect submissions for issue #10 and is encouraging people to submit stuff for consideration in her zine! Below is her call for submissions 🙂


Suburban Blight is a zine about politics.


Three types of work are generally included in Suburban Blight-

–       Political articles

–       Reviews of books, music, zines, films, etc

–       Drawings and comics

Other works, such as poems, photos, recipes, etc, are also welcome for submission!


Steph’s email address is

To view a list of topics covered in past issues:


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