The Untitled Black Lesbian Elder Project

A colleague informed me about a fundraising campaign underway for The Untitled Black Lesbian Elder Project, a feature-length film currently in the works. The brain child of filmmaker Tiona McClodden and publisher Lisa C. Moore, The Untitled Black Lesbian Elder Project will be a documentary honoring the legacy of black lesbians in their 60s, 70s, and 80s. According to their website,

The film will feature 8-10 profiles of elders, and show accompanying archival footage and personal ephemera that will reveal rare images of black lesbian life and history. UBLEP will also bring to light a number of black lesbian underground movements, solidifying a black lesbian presence within overall American black history.

McClodden and Moore are currently raising money to fund the film via Kickstarter, and as of now there are 65 hours left to donate. Their goal is $10,000 and they’ve raised just over $8000, so I wanted to try to raise awareness of this deadline.

Not too long ago, McClodden and Moore presented their project at NYC’s LGBT Community Center — I wasn’t yet aware of the film, but information about the event, moderated by archivist Shawnta Smith, can be found here. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the goal will be met!


2 Responses to “The Untitled Black Lesbian Elder Project”

  1. Uncle Mark Says:

    Hi Kate, I suspect you must know of Pam Spaulding of If not, ping her on black LGBT issues. She is brilliant, informative and reality based. Great article here, really needs to be done as it seems there is a lot of mis-information in the black community on LGBT issues, but hey – where isn’t there? Visit me at sometime.
    Uncle Mark

    • Kate Angell Says:

      Hi Uncle Mark! Thanks for the message- I will definitely check out Pam Spaulding’s blog, I’ve never read her work before! And I read your blog sometimes too- it’s great! Hope all is well!

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