Zine Reading: Chella Quint “Zine Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon”

I just learned today that there’s going to be a zine reading today at Bluestockings with Chella Quint, Jenna Freedman, and James M. Parker. I unfortunately can’t attend, but figured I’d blog about it, as the event looks really awesome. Here’s the description from the event’s Facebook page:

From her 4th grade construction-paper and paper-fastener-bound school report on Benjamin Franklin to the latest issue of “Adventures in Menstruating,” join Chella Quint and friends for some comedy readings that attempt to explore the why’s and the how’s of having grown up writing zines. Quint is a comedy writer and performer living in Sheffield, England, but is originally from New York. Her newest zines are “Adventures in Menstruating #6″ (deconstructing feminine hygiene advertising with wit, irony and brute force) and “The Venns” (introducing the world to the great British pub quiz in a spoof research paper using charts, graphs, diagrams and theories). Jenna Freedman is the author of “Lower East Side Librarian” and Wrangler in Chief of the Barnard Library Zine Collection. James M. Parker, an NYC-based writer with delusions of grandeur, will be reading from his chapbook, “Spinning the Cube.”


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