Baked Goods for Good Librarians: Vegan Baking for OWS Librarians

As an open access blogger I was blissfully happy to learn about The People’s Library at Occupy Wall Street. I read on their blog that they were looking for book and zine donations and plastic bins to shelve the books, as well as volunteers to staff the library. Some members of the NYC Radical Reference collective went on Friday to help process books – my friend Jenna wrote an account of her experience there.

In addition to loving books, I also love baking- and figured I’d bake some vegan cookies to bring down to the occupiers. I dropped the cookies off at the kitchen and the next day baked some vegan muffins. My first stop last night at Liberty Park was the People’s Library, where I dropped off some books. It struck me while talking to the librarians there that they could use some tasty baked goods, so I left some muffins there.

Taken on 10/8/2011

During the train ride home I began to hatch a plan on how I can replicate this vegan baked goods project on a bigger scale. I created a Facebook page for this fledgling project inviting others to either join me in baking and/or delivery, as well as encourage people to do it on their own!


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