Radical Reference Copyright Podcast

I’ve been meaning to blog about this excellent podcast for awhile now! Titled Compensation, Access, and Theft: Copyright in the 21st Century,  the podcast is a recording of a panel presented by Radical Reference at NYC’s 2011 Anarchist Book Fair.

The panel featured 6 people – Aliqae Geraci, Karl Fogel, Victoria Law, Melissa Morrone, Jim Fleming, and Craig O’Hara – and was created to address these questions (as quoted from the podcast’s website):

How can authors/illustrators be fairly compensated for their work, particularly by radical publishers? How can the above be accomplished while also maintaining broad access to authors’/illustrators’ work? How does current copyright law work with and against what you’re trying to do (whether you’re an author, a publisher, or a librarian)? How should digital versions/editions of work be treated?

Anyone interested in librarianship and publishing in general should definitely check it out- it’s a really useful resource to anybody interested in both learning more about and questioning a wide variety of copyright issues.


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