A Short Post on What the OWS Library Has Meant and Continues to Mean to Me

Anyone who is a librarian and takes this identity seriously knows that it is not one which you crawl into when you get out of bed in the morning and habitually shrug off when you step out of the building at night. This becomes especially evident when you’re sleeping not in a bed, but on the ground in a tent, and the library you work in isn’t contained within a warm building, but is located outside in a park, and you work, nights, too.

If this is the case, and you sacrifice your ordinary comforts to work without any financial compensation to construct the most freely accessible library that NYC has ever seen, and you believe in the power of yourself and your comrades to enact radical political and social change, than you embody the truest and rawest principles of librarianship that I’ve ever witnessed.

And if after several months of living outside in the open air, and collectively running this library of the people, some unexpectedly come into the night, and destroy what you’ve created, and deface and steal all of this communal property… if you nonetheless are found the next day rebuilding your collection, and pulling carts of your remaining books around the city for all to access, and refusing to give in an ounce in the face of all of this adversity- you are the bravest librarians that I’ve ever known.

Cookies & my favorite coaster


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