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ABC No Rio Zine Library Benefit Party

March 21, 2012

I volunteered for about a year as a zine librarian at the ABC No Rio Zine Library and I have to say, it’s quite easily one of my favorite places in all of New York City (which within itself is a paradise to me).

The No Rio collection houses around 12,ooo zines, which anyone is free to come look at during the library’s open hours. An already delightful place is made even better by the presence of a sweetheart cat named Cookie Puss, who alternated between sitting on my lap and stepping on the letters “Q” or “W” when I would catalog zines.

Photo taken by Eric Bartholomew, 25 March 2010

In order to keep this wonderful print culture gem up and running, ABC No Rio is hosting a benefit party for the zine library this Friday from 8PM-1AM! Beverages and zines will be sold and endless fun will be had!


Fat Activist and Body Positive Zine Review Article

March 12, 2012

Today I learned that an article that I co-write with my friend and colleague Charlotte Price was just published in Library Journal! Titled “Fat Activism and Body Positivity: Zines for Transforming the Status Quo,” the piece was edited by Barnard librarian Jenna Freedman.

Here’s the intro to the article, in which we reviewed five amazing zines, including Figure 8 and Fat Girl:

“Zines are an especially important medium for marginalized groups, providing a safe space to have an open discussion. With the so-called war on obesity in full swing, it’s no wonder that an increasing number of fat-activist and body-positive zines are appearing. Fat acceptance often intersects with subjects and interests like feminism, queer studies, social and political activism, history, health, fashion, and even pop culture. The zines reviewed here cover several areas, such as radical queer and transgender fat activism, fat activism history, DIY fat activism, body-positive art and poetry, and clothing design.”

Networked New York

March 8, 2012

I wish I had found out about this conference earlier – I just happened to see it on the great blog NYU Workshop in Archival Practice! Titled “Networked New York,” it’s advertised as a conference on “material, literary, and digital connections in the city.” It’s free and open to the public and will take place tomorrow, March 9th, in the Great Room of 19 University Place.

The panels look fascinating, and I really wish I could see the keynote- a presentation by Marvin Taylor (Director, Fales Library & Special Collections) called “Playing the Field: Thoughts about Social Networks and the New York Downtown Arts Scene.”

If you go please give me a recap afterward! 🙂