Directory of Open Access Books

If you’re like me and you were quite enthralled by the idea of open access (read: freely accessible) scholarly journal articles, you’ll most likely be equally pleased with open access books! The Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB), developed in part by the creators of the Directory of Open Access Journals, was launched in April of this year and already boasts 1000+ free academic peer-reviewed books.

Remember, since these books are open access it means you can download an entire book for free- I know it sounds like a joke, but it’s the truth.  Let’s pretend that I’d like to access a 2005 book titled European Cinema: Face to Face  with Hollywood and written by Thomas Elsaesser. If you locate the book’s record on DOAB all you would have to do to open it as a PDF file would be to click on the “Fulltext” link.

You can locate books using either the advanced search box or browse via subject (my personal favorite- I’m the type who brings up the topic of subject headings at dinner), title, or publisher.

Smiling Dog

This is how happy open access books make me. Citation: Davey, A. (Photographer). (2008). Smiling dog. [Digital image]. Retrieved from


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