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Release of Yoko Ono Tribute Zine

November 17, 2012

Once again I’ve allowed a few months to pass since my last post- I started a new job over the summer and also began to attend grad school in September, and thus have been busier than usual! I really do intend to keep posting here, though, so definitely continue to check in.

Today I’m excited to write about a new collaborative zine which I just published last month- it’s called “A Thousand Times Yes: Reflections on Yoko Ono,” and is a tribute to one of my favorite artists and musicians. The zine includes interviews I conducted with people who have been inspired by Ono’s work- including Kathleen Hanna, Barbara Hammer, and Gina Birch- and features original artwork by members of my talented social circle.

If you’d like to buy a copy I encourage you to check out my Etsy Store or send me an email at!

Zine cover by Elvis Bakaitis

Zine cover by Elvis Bakaitis