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Literature, Arts, and Medicine Database

February 29, 2012

NYU School of Medicine maintains a quite unique, fascinating free database called Literature, Arts, and Medicine. The “About” section of the database describes itself as an “annotated multimedia listing of prose, poetry, film, video and art that was developed to be a dynamic, accessible, comprehensive resource for teaching and research in MEDICAL HUMANITIES, and for use in health/pre-health, graduate and undergraduate liberal arts and social science settings.”

It’s really useful for both students of these subjects as well as librarians/professors looking for teaching resources.  Site visitors can search for information by annotation, people search, keyword (topic), annotator, and a general free text search.

The site’s maintainers are meticulous about updating it – they post new announcements most days of the week, it seems!


Bibliography of LGBTQ Health Disparities

May 11, 2011

For the past couple days I’ve been thinking a lot about access to health care-related information as well as health care itself within queer communities.  Last year, the Network for LGBT Tobacco Control released the Annotated Bibliography of Notable LGBTQ Health Disparities.

Compiled by around ten LGBTQ health care researchers, the bibliography covers really important topics like access to health services, cancer, health risk behaviors, and mental health. Since the bibliography is annotated, each resource offers a really clear description of its content. It’s 30 pages long, so there’s a lot to choose from.

Stay well, friends. ❤

Wench Blog Zine Distro

January 17, 2011

While writing a selfcare zine review this past weekend I came across the blog for the Louisville, KY based WENCH Selfcare Education Collective. They work to “educate ourselves and others in the workings of our complex bodies and minds to empower people to live healthier lives through understanding and empowerment.”

In addition to organizing activities such as health fairs, classes/workshops, and clinic defense, they also run a zine distro. Their inventory is currently divided into 7 categories: selfcare, female selfcare, transgender health, consent/assault/healing, abortion, mental health, and healthcare history.

I was a little confused as how to order zines from them, although I found an email address which I assume is their preferred method of contact:

Trans 411

December 13, 2010

Finding a queer-friendly doctor has always been a big concern of mine. I know from first-hand experience how it feels when your health care provider assumes you have a boyfriend solely because you identify as a woman. That said, everyone should be able to get their health cared for by a person who is cool with and supportive of all gender and sexual identities – and doesn’t make any hasty assumptions.

Trans 411 is really amazing in this regard- it was created “as a community driven resource directory” and and hopes to “make life easier by building upon local knowledge of transgender friendly providers, services and community groups.”

The site provides links to a wide range of trans-friendly doctors, surgeons, and therapists. Visitors to the site can browse by state (although sadly not all 50 are listed) and by country (currently included are: Argentina, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, Mexico, Slovakia, Thailand, and United States).

You can also follow Trans 411 on Twitter!