“The Worst” zine

This past weekend I had the pleasure of meeting Kathleen McIntyre, editor of The Worst, a compilation zine on grief and loss. I was really glad to learn about the existence of this zine (there are currently two issues out), as it’s really difficult to locate radical resources on coping with the loss of a loved one. So much of what is out there is religious in nature, and while that’s comforting for some people, it’s not meant for everyone.

In addition to personal accounts of loss, the zine also offers advice for supporting grieving friends and family members. Issue 1 comes with a playlist of songs that readers could check out if they wish.

All in all, I’m truly moved by and impressed with this zine, and believe it fills a major gap in existing grief literature. The zine can be purchased directly through Kathleen via her blog or through several zine distros, including Click Clack and For the Birds. Both issues are also for sale in person at STOREFRONT gallery in their BRAIN WAVES collection. You can download issue 2 here.

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