I’m an academic reference librarian in New York, and thus a significant part of my job is to provide patrons with research assistance. In addition to discussing databases and scholarly journals with them, I also share pertinent online resources with them that I have amassed over the past few years. I’m really inspired by the open access movement in scholarly publishing- a major reason that I became a reference librarian was to connect people with the information they want/need without the hindrance of financial barriers.

My combined interests in library research and the open access movement influenced me to create a blog in which I can share resources I’ve found concerning a wide range of subjects, including librarianship, feminist and gender studies,  art, and zines. Occasionally I also write about papers and projects that I’ve been involved with in some way. Given my open access inclinations, nearly everything I blog about is free (although zines I write about can range from free to $5ish).

And last but not least, my blog’s name was inspired by Gertrude Stein’s book Everybody’s Autobiography.

I can be reached at MyFeministFriends [at] gmail [dot] com.


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